Friday, January 11, 2013

Good News, Bad News.....

Yesterday was a sad day for one of our pets. Two of the residents here: Blueberry and Shimmer, the fish, died, so we bought new fish. Jaws, also died, not of disease like the others, but of a sad event involving in an unfortunate tank cleaning accident, mainly a problem with improper use of the water purifier.......okay, let's just say I did not wait long enough for the purifier to settle, and left him struggling against these tiny bubbles coating his whole body, making it impossible to even twitch a fin. Okay, so I am more an expert for furry mammals, reptiles, and feathered birds than swimming animals, but a lesson is learned there! Although he had a sad death, we made it up to the pet store before it closed and we bought a nice betta. When we first got to the pet store, it had not been so easy as to "walk in and find it sitting on a shelf, where we could take it to the cash register and happily pay and walk out." Oh, no no no... At first we looked for any sign of aquatic life anywhere, but it looked as if there were only pet supplies, not pets. Finally I located a tiny shelf where a few betta fish sat in those tiny plastic cups. All of them seemed ignorant and boring, until I caught my eye on a little row of three plastic cups with a sign under it that said the price of FEMALE BETTAS! The two females didn't have any sign of interest in the person looking at them through the plastic, but the one silvery-white colored one looked as if she was pleading, "TAKE ME WITH YOU! Please please please......" Usually this type of feeling only comes through me and mammals, so this was a special experience, yes it was. I picked her up and announced that she was "the one." My sibling were restless, and I am sure the animals behind the glass needed some rest(and the caretaker behind the glass too), so it was a good thing for everyone, the fish, me, my young siblings, and the animals at the pet store. I decided to name her Jasmine, and like I said before, they have shorter fins, duller coats, and they are not as "feisty", and always darting around the tank like mad like the boys like to do to show of their scales.(It just goes to show that girls are a lot more calmer than boys, doesn't it?) Her tail fins look just like the flower! My favorite feature she has is one brown eye and one half-brown half-shiny Sapphire colored eye. (In the picture it probably does not show.) We welcome another resident into our family, and we hope she lives a long and happy life!


  1. Love your fishes name!

    1. Thank you. She reminded me of the flower because of the flower-like fins that resemble the Jasmine flower!

  2. I was very sorry to hear that some of the residents died. Your new fish is beautiful,I love her unique coloring.


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