Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Small Pet Literature

Ever wanted to read about your pet and learn more about him? Here are a few book titles (and authors) to check out or buy at your local library or bookstore. I've read them all, so you don't need to worry.

Rabbits (Animal Planet Pet Care Library) 
by Sue Fox

This colorful and informative read deserves an honorary place in your bookshelf!

The Rabbit Handbook 
by Karen Parker D.V.M

Thinking about getting a rabbit? This book is especially for people who want to learn more about these great pets.

by Carol Himsel Daly 

Written by a true rat-owner, this guide is a very good thing to read if you own a rat too!

My Rat(My Pet series)
By Gerd Ludwig 

For children and adults alike, this book is chock-full of info and advice for first-time rat owners!

Training Your Pet Hamster
by Gary Bucsis 

Complete with color photos and incidents you can relate to, this book is all you need in order to have a well-behaved pet hamster!

A House Rabbit Primer(Understanding and caring for your companion rabbit)
by Lucile C. Moore 

A book yours truly owns, it is a guide you'll not only want to read, you'll also want to keep it at home with you!

Guinea Pig Care(Quick & Easy series)
by the Pet Experts

A simple and reliable care book you can count on!

by Keith Lawrence 

Questions such as "Why does my gerbil chew on that?" will be answered in this great book.

Hamster(ASPCA Pet care guides)
by Mark Evans

Children will love this understandable book that is written by a real veterinarian!

For more great reads, check out your local library and bring a book home today--maybe even let your pet read it! Oh, but just don't let him chew it up.

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