Sunday, November 11, 2012

Celebrating Your Pet's Birthday

"It's all about ME--right??"
Daisy's birthday is coming up--and so is your pet's. Why not celebrate it? Many people have different ways of celebrating. Some enjoy allowing their pet to do something they usually don't let them do. A special treat is given to the pet(one pet owner I knew gave her rat a mini-cupcake with frosting on it, yet another fed her ferret a "dog cookie" that is made of special batter for dogs and frosting too). Some people even host a small party, inviting other pets over to play. But if you are thinking about a huge party filled with games, snacks, and a GIANT birthday cake covered with all of your pet's most favored treats, then here is how to do it:

So, you want a party? Here's all the things you'll need to do.....

1) Decorate! Fill your house with pet-safe decor such as high banners, weighted down helium balloons that your pet can't choke as safe as possible--you don't want your pet to get hurt on his or her birthday!

2) Invite! Create cute but simple invitations requesting the guests to arrive at a certain time, and tell them about the things they will do there.

3) Prepare! Make a cake that's large enough for all the guests to eat. Cover the cake with yummy treats and use carrot sticks for candles(don't try to light them, though!) Think up games that pets can do--for example, a hamster b-day party may include a hamster-ball racing contest. If any games require things the owners have(like a hamster ball), then note this in the letter.

4) Have fun! Don't invite too many pets you can handle, and if you have "strangers"(other pet) that your pet hasn't played with yet, don't invite them. There could be a fight--and that could lead to a very bad birthday, indeed.

Birthdays only come once a year, so you should make them special. Pets deserve a good birthday too, so don't leave them out!


Fun factoid: Butterflies live only ten days; therefore, they don't even get to celebrate their birthday!!


  1. I never thought of having a party for a pet but you are absolutely right they give so much love and enjoyment that they deserve a party too.

  2. That is so sad about the butterflies! I never knew that!!

  3. Celebrating your pet’s birthday is a great feeling. I remember, last year I gift a dog car harness to my pet and he just loves it.


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