Monday, November 19, 2012

Not Just Fleas!

The beautiful colors....the migrating geese.....Autumn is the time where you can really appreciate nature.
But it's also the time for ticks and mosquitoes to start biting before the cold snow starts to come. If you let your small pet go on a harness outside, you have to be sure not to stay out too long. "Pets can not only get dehydrated, they can also get bitten pretty bad by those insects out there." a dog website tells readers.

Set up a Mini "Pet Treatment Center!"

Ouch! Have you ever been bitten or stung before? Boy, does it hurt! If you think your dog, cat, or other pet has been bitten or stung, try these simple, soothing methods for pets.

  1. Remove any stingers by gently scratching with the side of a credit card or your own finger on the wound area. The stung area will look pink and puffy and will have a brown line embedded in your pet's skin.
  2. Take some ice in a plastic bag and carefully press it on the pet's wound. There might be a little blood.
  3. Inject any venom in the bloodstream by putting a little baking soda and water or a small amount of meat tenderizer on your pet's wound site.
  4. To reduce itching and irritation, put milk of magnesia all over the bite or sting wound.
  5. To lessen any more pain, make up an oatmeal bath either using special pet oatmeal-shampoo, or you can also tie a sock filled with regular oatmeal or some colloidal to the water faucet. The water will wash out the sock, creating a creamy texture to the water.
  6. Get some ammonia and put it on a cotton swab. Rub it on the area. If you don't have ammonia, grab some hydro-cortisone cream and put a thin layer on your pet's bite or sting. This will decrease any more pain.
When you are done with the treatment, watch your pet carefully. Every day, put a little aloe-vera gel on the bite or sting. The healing process will increase more quickly.

If you think your pet has been bitten by a black widow or brown recluse spider, take him to the vet immediately. You will save his life.

A few tips by Daisy and Peanut (when your pet needs the vet)

  • If your pet has lumps all over him, you should take him into the vet. He could have allergies.
  • If your pet has a small bug the size of a this period(.) or larger stuck under his fur, this is a tick. When the are as big as your fingernail, that means they are filled with blood. Remove them with tweezers and take your pet into the vet--pronto! 
  • A way to keep mosquitoes away is pet-friendly insect spray or, a clip-on one to put on your pet's collar. Mosquitoes aren't something to worry about like a different insect bite or sting is, but it still can get itchy!! 

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  1. This is very good advise. Something I learned a long time ago was about Flea Collars. I used one on a small dog we had and she was allergic to it. The medication in the collar was too strong for her size. Luckily I caught it in time or she could have gotten very sick.


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