Friday, November 9, 2012

The Ultimate Scrubdown

Note from the author: Critter Corner is asking you to comment and tell us all about what your pet likes to do on Thanksgiving and Christmas or a tradition you do with your family(and pets)--and you could have a chance to tell us a post you'd like to see on this blog. It could be featured in the future! Just comment on any blog, anytime, through November 9th all the way up to December 1st--telling us about your pet's Christmas and/or Thanksgiving, and tell what you'd like the post to be about if you could choose. Have fun!!

Today's post is much like the new poll for this week: all about cleaning out the water and food bowls--and cleaning out your pet's cage. Don't just clean it, scrub it!! Every week you should remove all objects from the cage and place your pet in a safe area while you soap up every surface possible. Using pet-safe spray or special wipes is ideal, but it can also be costly. Vinegar spray and non-scented baby wipes are less expensive and still just as safe, not to mention you almost always will have these in you home. Critter Corner doesn't recommend letting your pet eat or lick up any of these things, no matter how pet-safe they may be.

Does your small pet use a litter box? If so, you may find it easier to clean the cage and you may think this means you don't have to clean the main area. This isn't true!! You must always clean the whole cage--ALWAYS! Just because there isn't any waste in the cage--only the litter box, this doesn't mean you shouldn't clean it. Hidden bacteria could make your pet's cage dirty over time;this could gradually cause your pet to be sick.    Please clean out every inch of the cage--it will be better for you and your pet!

The bottom line: Do this every week! Remember, after you have cleaned the cage, use a towel to dry the wet areas, because you do not your pet to get wet and get pneumonia from the cold.


  1. When I was little Nana always bought a gift for our dogs. It was cute!
    If I had a family pet now I would include them in the Christmas photos!

  2. I was raised in a home where we always had a pet. Energy year at Christmas great grandma always bought our pets new toys. She would wrap them and put them under the tree. When your mama and uncle Chris were little we always got gifts for our prts dog toys and bones and sometimes a new collar. I miss not having a dog so don't be surprised if one of these days I call you with some news.

    1. Really? What kind of dog are you thinking about getting?

    2. I really LOVE Boston Terriers! So cute and affectionate--and they aren't like those really yappy dogs that are really tiny. Pretty lazy though--If i ever got a dog, it would be a Lab, I love energetic dogs.

  3. We always get Bonny gifts for Christmas, and wrap them up for her. The wrapping paper is usually her favorite part :)



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