Friday, November 2, 2012

Are you sure you're OK??

Bunnies can't just get your attention and say: "Uh, I don't think I am feeling good", or "This really hurts!"
The most they can do to allow you to notice them is squeak or grunt--and sometimes you can hardly even tell what those grunts mean. Signs having to do with behavior changes or unexpected things your bunny may do can also be confusing. Here are some "Help my bunny's" that can help you determine what is wrong!

"Help, my bunny's......

abdomen is swollen"

This may be a sign of severe gas or acute bloat and must be treated immediately with simethicone to save the rabbit's life. 


Rabbits may occasionally cough, choke, and snort during mealtime. Gently take a clean soft cloth and wipe the rabbit's face and the nostril area. If the coughing continues for more than a minute, consult a veterinarian. 

ears are hot!"

While petting your bunny, you may notice either hot or cold ears. This indicates that the rabbit is either feeling very hot or very cold. Keep your rabbit inside at all times, unless you are letting them out on a harness for a little while, because they do not deal with high or low temperatures very well.

leg is dangling!"

Most likely the leg is broken, or cut so badly it has gotten so swollen they cannot bend it. You can easily tell by the size and how normal-looking the leg is. Do not, and I mean NOT try any "home remedies" such as a home-made cast or any sort of ointment on the rabbit, just take them to your trusted vet who helps with emergency care. (P.S: Choose the best vet who specializes only in emergencies, even if your other vet who only does check-ups claims to do this kind of care. Believe me, he could make the leg even worse...)

lying on the floor not moving"

Well, this can be many different things. One, it could be as simple as your bunny is catching some "Z"s. But if the rabbit is panting or breathing very slightly, the rabbit may die soon or is already dead. In these cases, you may only have one choice, and that is to take bunny to the vet for his last time.

For more rabbit first aid tips, go to: first aid


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    1. Me either; she sure is the best rabbit ever!!

  2. These are very informative.. Anyone who has a bunny is very fortunate to have the Critter Corner to go to for advise.

  3. Daisy: I'm NOT sick!! And I won't ever be!
    Daisy: Cough Cough-- Achoo!
    Peanut: Right. Never sick, huh?
    Daisy: I didn't say anything...


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