Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Big O

A problem pet owners face is the daily treat consumption of their small animals--and this can lead to a very, uh, heavy pet. Treats bought in the store cause most of the trouble because owners think that whatever the package says is OK. For example, A mistake I made once was to get the so-called "healthy" treats and follow what the back said was fine to do. Feed up to 4 per day, blah blah blah. I was feeding my bunny treats every day--when they were just meaning in a whole day, not every single day like vitamins or something. But even healthy treats like carrots, apples or celery can make your pet obese. "It isn't always  based on if the food is healthy or not, it's the amount of food you give the pet that counts." a rabbit magazine says.

Processed treats like "Yogies!" or those pet granola chew things are a big no-no for a pet who likes to eat a lot because they just can't say "I'm full". These treats aren't satisfying enough for your small animal to not want to eat anymore and still not be "stuffed". Herbivore's stomachs, especially rabbit's, digest food slowly and sometimes they can become very constipated--that's why hay and grass is vital to their systems. These "junk food" treats can ruin that natural flow that hay supplies, and that leaves the pet with a big stomach-ache. Some pet owners don't even offer treats to their pets--they only give them fresh pellets and hay. Most pet owners I know are curious about those cool-looking treats in the food aisle, and they might try them out once, and even just once is too much. Pets who have never eaten treats before have always been thinking there was was nothing better tasting than good ol' hay and dry pellets, but when the owner introduces treats, the pet could neglect his daily diet and just want treats.

To avoid making that mistake that many owners make, don't give treats that are fatty to your pet, because you'll be left with wasted money and a very chubby small animal on your hands!


  1. This is good advise for even dog and cat owners. I've see some pretty hefty dogs because they give too many treats.

  2. Yes, i don't mean to embarrass Daisy, but she's a little on the big side herself. "Gravity Feeders"(feeders that are supposed to last in food for a week) don't work for her. She eats it in one day! Big mistake.


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