Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Crafty Critters

I have some exciting news, everyone! Every week on Wednesday I am going to do a CC(Critter Corner) craft! This month I am going to introduce some of the crafts you might see here on the blog.

Critter-lovers, I have decided to take up knitting. It is cool to make stuff like scarfs and washcloths, but what if I made things for my pets? I know some readers may knit, but far more do not, so I won't make it too complicated. It will simply involve paper crafts and whatnot. One craft I am particularly good at is a hamster hammock. You can make one of these by cutting a flap in a cardboard paper-towel tube and punching two holes on either side. Fill it with paper shreds or another favorite bedding, and then hang it by string in your hamster's cage! Easy, right? For a little harder crafts, I will take some pictures to show you the instructions in order. Maybe a video, too! I hope you enjoy this new "Crafty Critters," and I'll see you next Wednesday!


  1. That is neat about the hammock..a hamster would be lucky to have you as an owner!

  2. Knit on its very relaxing and rewarding,your pets are very lucky.


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