Sunday, December 2, 2012

7 Strange-But-Common Ferret Behaviors

Have you ever seen your ferret do any of these strange-but-common behaviors?

Ferrets do things that owners might consider strange, such as sleeping like they're dead, nipping toes, digging in the food bowl and more, but these are completely normal. Here are 7 things that ferrets do often that may seem strange, weird or downright crazy, which are accompanied with why they do it.

  1.     Why does my ferret sleep so soundly it appears dead? The shock of finding your ferret's lifeless, limp body on the floor of his cage is frightening. You pick him up, and he doesn't seem to be breathing. When you've lost all hope, he suddenly "comes alive", and starts to claw at your hand. Why is this? Ferrets sleep very, very deeply, and after a long day of rambunctious play, he's probably exhausted! If tiredness is the case, he will wake up when he feels like he has gotten his rest.
  2.     Why does my ferret dig in his food bowl? Ferrets were mainly wild critters before domestication, so many weird stuff your ferret does is from his furry ancestors. "Burrowing is just another ferret thing," Ferret Magazine tells readers. "When you see this, all it means is that your ferret is in a 'digging mood', and he wants to search for hidden treasures."
  3.      Why does my ferret nip my toes? Don't be surprised if your ferret comes up to you and chomps your toes. He isn't trying to be mean, he's just inviting you to play! "Ferrets have very thick skin, along with an extra pad of fur, so they don't feel a thing when bit by a playmate," Critter Corner says. "He doesn't know it hurts, he just expects you to play along." But if the nips turn into hard bites that break the skin, you should stop this. Tell your pet "No" every time he bites you, even if it's not for self-defense!
  4.     Why do ferrets make clucking or hissing sounds? Though I cannot list all the noises and definitions, I will  tell you why you may hear these sounds from your ferret! Hissing is an aggressive sound which you will only hear when he is feeling especially frightened. Sometimes he may also poof out his tail to make himself look bigger. Clucking sounds are a different story. When your ferret clucks(also know as "dooking"), he is trying to tell you he is happy. Ferret-owners usually notice these noises when the ferret plays out of his cage or is meeting another friendly ferret for the first time.
  5.      Why does my ferret slam into walls? When your ferret races around your home, you will notice that he doesn't pay attention to furniture or walls very well. Sometimes he will even crash into something. Ferrets have poor eyesight, because, in the wild, they really count on their sense of smell to guide them. Usually they don't get hurt when this happens, but if your ferret is lying on the floor not moving after crashing into an object, you should check for broken bones.
  6.   Why does my ferret wag his tail? Once again, this another way ferrets show happiness. It is normal for a ferret to do this, even when you least expect it. People love it when ferrets do cute things like this, and they are constantly posting videos and pictures of these popular ferret moments.
  7.   Why do my ferrets roll on the floor and shake each other? Multiple ferrets show each-other who's "boss" by fighting. The ferret who becomes the king of the cage has to win a fight. These fights are more cute than, say, bloody. It's all wrestling and nipping, and the ferrets aren't doing it in anger towards each-other, they are simply betting on who will win. They never want to draw blood, or even cause pain at all, unlike a dog-fight between two enemy pooches. The ferrets simply want to prove a point. Hmm...I wonder what they're thinking....

Ferrets are truly fascinating creatures, and unlike how my rabbit may play,(rather lightly, and "cuddlier",) a ferret will want to tumble and fight. The reason for this difference is because of the food chain. Wild ferrets are predators; they hunt and don't have to hide like a rabbit would. The art of stashing objects in their domestic way of life is kind of like how they would hide un-eaten fresh-kill in the wild. So every time you watch your pet ferret, think of where he originated from, and you too will understand some of these things they do!

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  1. the deep sleep trick would surely surprise me! They sound like very animated animals


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