Saturday, December 15, 2012

Say What?

Your pets. They always do the funniest things and make us laugh. Parakeets are those kind of pets, because of their amazing ability to copy words. I heard of this parakeet who loved to talk so much, that his owner would get more than a little annoyed. But do these incredible creatures really get what they are even saying? Not quite. Sadly enough, when your parrot blurts, "I'm going to watch TV," it doesn't mean he wants to watch TV, even if he knows what "that big box of moving pictures" is. A parrot never says something if he has not heard it before. He just repeats what you are saying, and sometimes he mixes up the letters. While you are playing with him, he may suddenly say something you said weeks ago. Another fascinating thing about them is that they have good memory.

Talk To Me

How exactly can parrots talk? you may think. Have you ever noticed that your dog's tongue is thin and long, while a parrot's tongue is thick and short? The tongue size and shape makes all the difference. Just like humans, parrots have tongues and mouths that are shaped in a way that enables them to talk. 

Sing Your Heart Out

The easiest and most effective way to train your pet parrot to speak is to turn on the radio. People who are serious parrot-lovers create playlists for their parrots on the computer. All parrots have a favorite song, and they usually like to belt out the lyrics sooner or later. It may be really cute at first, but the tone-deaf birds can really get on your nerves. The way to relieve your misery? Put it online for all to see. Everyone loves a singing parrot if they don't have to live with him. Plus, he may even add a few dance moves, such as the Feather Ruffle, the Claw Kick and everyone's favorite, the Twist.

Teaching your pet bird to talk is worth it, but don't expect him to carry on a conversation with you. Oh, and remember, speak wisely, as your little copycat may be listening to every word!


  1. Sorry about the delay. I have a little cold and I almost forgot about you guys! I missed hearing about all your pets and stories, and I feel bad about it. Luckily I could catch a few minutes to write a post!

  2. I loved this post it was very funny. We had Finches when your Mom was little. They were very funny. They used to build a nest and then both sit in it. We never had any baby birds but they were fun to watch. Peanuts and Crackers were their names I think.

    1. Yes I remember her telling me that. She said one of them died and the other one was very sad. Animals that live in groups can show grief. Elephants get upset and actually have a funeral for them and gather plants and flowers and put them by the grave. Amazing, right?


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