Monday, December 3, 2012

New Mouse Checklist

Mice are fairly different from rats; they are very active and don't show as much affection towards owners as rats do. They are extremely social with other mice, though, and they are fun to watch and take care of.

If you are thinking about getting pet mice, you need to pass a "test", which is really something you should think about every time you commit to something. Ask yourself these questions:

Am I sure that I am fine with the idea of that mice do not live long?
Am I a person who does not mind touching and holding a rodent?
Do I enjoy noises that mice make?
Am I careful that I will not injure the mouse on purpose?
Have I figured out what to get for my mouse?
Have I found an ideal place for him to live?
Do I describe mice as nice?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then you should possibly re-think your choice of pet!

But if you said "yes" to all of them, it is time to go to the next step!

Pt. 2: Getting the supplies

The next thing you should do is get all your supplies and then pick out your mice.

  • A wire cage with half-an-inch bars
  • Pelleted/ recycled fluffy paper bedding(Pelleted for the litter area and fluffy for the sleeping area)
  • Small Nesting box or a flower-pot on its side: store-bought or home-made
  • A good exercise wheel without rungs
  • Tubes(In one of the videos I posted, I talked about hamster cages. The cage Peanut has is great for mice!)
  • Pellet Food---Mouse or hamster food works well
  • Grass hay for the mouse to nibble on or nest in
  • Hanging water bottle(Tip: Attach it so the tank itself is on the outside but the tip is sticking in. Why? Because mice like to climb the wire hangers and that can be unsafe!)
  • A wood block or a dog biscuit to chew on
  • Swings, hammocks and ropes for fun play
  • A ceramic food dish(to avoid tooth action-- the plastic food bowls are always chewed)

After you purchase the supplies, pick out your mice--choose the ones with bright eyes, clear noses, shiny fur and non-crusty skin, and well-trimmed teeth and nails. The mouse should be playful and wide awake, not cowering in the corner. Bring your pet home in a special carry-home box provided at the pet-store. This can be used for a cool sleeping house for the time-being! 

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