Thursday, December 13, 2012

Natural Remedies for Dog Arthritis

Old age is one of the things your dog will have to face, sooner or later. Arthritis is a problem that most dogs usually get in their senior years, although it could be quicker that you think! Some veterinarians are perplexed when dogs or cats that are only a few years old come in and they have arthritis. Harsh medicines can make your dog allergic, and possibly create more damage. Many owners like using homeopathic remedies and treatments concerning this joint problem, and they usually always work immediately!

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

What is coconut oil? Naturally derived from the coconut's inner layer of soft skin, it can help many things in both animals and humans. You will find it at any local store, in a bottle. Many pet 
owners have it in a pet care/first aid kit at home.

Here are just a few of the benefits that coconut oil has for your dog:

Skin and Fur

  • Clears up eczema, flea allergies, and itchy skin
  • Helps your dog's coat and makes it glossy
  • Deodorizes doggy odors that baths cannot remove
  • When applied topically, it promotes healing of wounds, cuts, bites, stings, dry skin and fur.


  • Improves and speeds up digestion 
  • Reduces hairballs             
  • Aids inflammation of stomach lining
  • Gets rid and prevents of bowel syndrome and colitis

Joints and Bones

  • Aids and prevents arthritis
  • Makes bones stronger and prevents bone damage and thinning

Like I said before, these things are only half of all the benefits of coconut oil. For a much longer list, go to www. It has great info about all sorts of natural dog treatments, diet, and more!

Some Homeopathic Medicines

Licorice Root
Gutu Kola 

More treatments and other ways to avoid it...

Here are some non-medicine treatments that still work well!

Weight Loss---This is a biggie. Overweight dogs tend to get arthritis because it is so hard to "drag" themselves around. Plus, they sometimes are so lazy too, and without a lot of exercise, their bones will get too used to lying around.

A Healthy Diet---Special dog foods for senior dogs are the best kind for your arthritic hound. Some dogs like the taste of home cooked meals. Be sure to read up on it before you plunge into the art of home cooking for dogs. I have seen these books at the library at bookstore before.

Chiropractic Methods---Many veterinarians have a directory in their offices. Ask them if they know any pet chiropractors that are close to you. If they do, take your pet when he is suffering too much; he will be sure to be happy soon enough!

Laser Therapy--Usually this is pretty expensive and time-consuming, so I would not recommend it. Some owners, however, have reported that it worked like a charm! If it does work it will be worth it, but it rarely ever works for animals.

Physical Therapy and Hydrotherapy---Most pets who have lost a limb do this. Hydrotherapy is a form of exercise, except it is in a tank of water, letting the dogs feel the natural motion of walking. This is how three-legged dogs get used to walking again, but it still works for arthritic dogs.

Massage---This is one thing you can do at home, or do it at a professional. A belly rub is fine, but you can learn to do different techniques from books and online that have different specific benefits for every part of your dog's body. Most dogs love a massage, as it relaxes their bones, making it easier to walk. The best thing is that it has the same benefits as it does for people!

Even if your dog isn't that old, arthritis can happen. You just need to be prepared. I hope this help your own dog!

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