Saturday, December 8, 2012

Taking Your Pet Along For The Ride

Because of Christmas coming, people usually have parties and get-togethers concerning this holiday. Most relatives live far away, and you probably remember driving up to your brothers or sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces or nephew's house to celebrate the season. When pet-owners can't leave their pets home, what do they do?

The answer is to pack up your pet's supplies and get on the road!


Most dogs or cats really don't like going in the car. Dogs assume it means the vet, and cats have to sit in a cramped, uncomfortable, crate. Supplies are needed for the car trips. For your small pet, bring all his cage supplies. The tiny critters are easier, because they can bring everything they need with them, in their cage!! But dogs can't use the bathroom in the car! They need to let them out for a potty break every half-hour, just in case. Cats are even more difficult, because the litter-box will spill if you put it inside the crate. Invest in a built-in litter-tray crate that has food and water bowls that easily pull out.


Dogs may need chewing toys to play with and blankets to lay on. Do not offer any treats because the pet dog or cat may puke it up before you arrive to your destination--and who wants the stress of cleaning that up before they get there? Small pets like hamsters and mice will nap the whole way, because the shaking car will probably frighten them too much or make it hard to get around. Your cat will most likely meow or hiss because he is scared too. So how do you get your pet to be calm and quiet? Well, there is really no way to resolve this problem. All cats are naturally scared of being in a vehicle, and you will most likely notice him to race under the bed when you arrive at the house.

Daisy talks:

Yeah, I have been in a car before. There are all sorts of weird noises, and your water bowl usually spills. But the nice thing is that your owners clean it up and if it gets on your fur, they dry you off. I got some on my nose. It dribbled down my face and stuff, but my owner helped me. I remember the color of the towel she used---red. MY FAVORITE COLOR!!! Oh, that was pretty random. Anyway though, you know, you could alway take your pet to the kennel. Kennels are, like, these big things, these, like, cage things.... You know, and you sit in them. Well, like, I mean...You know. Some hotels, are mean, because they don't EVEN TAKE RABBITS!!! I mean, isn't that so mean? Really, people! SOME PEOPLE, they don't even know how smart and intelligent rabbits are, I bet, like, humans aren't as smart as rabbits! I MEAN, really. They probably think I don't know how to count! I can even add! 2+2 is 5! Take that, humans. Uh, I got that right, didn't I? Good. I was so worried I didn't, and.....Anyway, though, I was saying? Oh, yeah, about hotels and stuff..... Oh and I have a joke. What do you sing to a bunny on his birthday? "Hoppy birthday to you!" Get it?? Like, happy, but, hoppy....Hoppy, like a rabbit hopping....Happy...hop---- Okay I better stop now.

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