Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some Sad News

Hello Critter Corner Fans! I know you probably have been awaiting the upcoming announcement of the growth of my sea monkeys, but you probably won't hear that anytime soon. Sadly, all of my sea monkeys are dead, except for one. He died yesterday. Why? Because I, the sea monkey care-taker, the person responsible for this, didn't realize that you were supposed to buy the "million-bubble air pump" something-or-another. Every day you would pump the air pump, it said, and it would provide much-needed oxygen in order for your pets to live. Hopefully we can re-order them, but for now, I am not sure what to do with the tank. If there were any left, I would become "a sea-monkey murderer" because I poured him down the sink. But I am sure there are no left. Last night my dad saw the last one and said, "There isn't any left except for one. He looks like he is suffering." Then we looked at each other and I got the little brochure that came in the kit and read it. Oops.


So, that's how they died. I so feel bad for them that they probably suffered suffocation and I didn't realize it until......... until it was too LATE. Hopefully I can get new ones along with the air pump for sure. I'm sorry I had to tell you the sad news, but what would I do when somebody asks how big they are getting? I don't know either.

The sadly empty  tank. Poor guys.

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