Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I'm Thankful For

Hi, it's me, Nature Girl. Today's post is all about what I'm thankful for. Just wanted to drop in!

I'm thankful for......

the Thanksgiving parade.
all of my critter-loving fans!
my supportive mom.(;
Daisy and Peanut(and Jaws!)
pickles(my fave food!).
cozy sweaters.
my sister and brothers.
my great dad.(:
my blog.
anyone who's reading this(that's you! And you and you and you and you....)

There are many other things I could say, but for now, happy Thanksgiving!

A note to CC(critter corner) readers: Tomorrow I will not post anything, on account everybody will be very busy. On Friday I am not sure if anyone will have time either. Saturday you can read this if you have not read it yet. Sorry if you were looking forward to tomorrow's, but unfortunately I know nobody will read it anyway. --Love Nature Girl.



  1. Even though I'll be busy I always have time to read your blog.

  2. oh okay, I know you will. Some people don't even think about having time to read a blog on certain days. christmas I won't do one either. The day before I might(:


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