Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Recent Questions and Updates

Daisy: Wow, I think I skipped a Question Tuesday or something.....

Peanut: I guess so. Anyway, what are the questions for this week, huh?

Daisy: Let me see now--ah, yes....the first person emailed Critter Corner asking how much do guinea pigs cost.

Peanut: Maybe they're putting the thought of getting one into consideration! Oh, but, isn't that like slavery?

Daisy: What do ya' mean?

Peanut: You know...I don't think people should buy animals. Buying living beings was banned by George Washington.

Daisy: I thought it was a different president. Abe Lincoln. Or was it Teddy Roosevelt? Whoever that is. Or maybe James Garfield. Was it a president at all? Oh man, I really need to touch up on my social studies skills.

Peanut: Whatever. The answer is this: around 10 dollars. The cage is the expensive part. Um, I was wondering, where exactly do you get these random questions??

Daisy: I get the questions from the people who ask them!!!! Where else would they come from????

Peanut: Well, you could make them up because nobody really does email us. I know it!

Daisy: THEY DO TOO!! I ask people to mail us all the time! To prove it, I have another question send by air-mail: AH-HEM.....(smooths out letter) ........ A person wonders what our favorite foods are.

Peanut: That's so easy-peasy! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE carrots, cucumbers, apples, sunflower seeds......

Daisy: Uh....oh-kay, we get the message! My turn next! My favorite foods are yogurt drops, crackers, pumpkin seeds, popcorn...

Peanut: NOT processed food! Veggies and fruits, you know what I mean. That's obviously why you're so fat!

Daisy: I am not fat.

Peanut: YES YOU ARE!!

Daisy: (whispering) Please stop saying that--your embarrassing me on national TV!

Peanut: Ha! Well, good! (in a sing-song voice)YOU are fa-aht, ohhh, you arrrrre FAh-t....

Daisy: AM not!

Peanut: Then why did you say you eat processed foods.

Daisy: One, yogurt drops are NOT processed, and two, I am NOT  FAT!!!!!

Peanut: Whoa.

Peanut: Uh, that's all, for now on Critter Corner, and a note to all yogurt drop-eaters, don't eat too many like Daisy here, or you'll get F-A-T!

And here is a picture I put up of a healthy food to eat. YUM! And it won't make you fat!

Daisy: (weakly)I'm...not..f-a...ttt.......

Peanut: I didn't say anything.

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  1. Dear Daisy, I don't think your fat I think you are beautiful. Love Nana


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