Monday, November 12, 2012

Avoid Overgrown Teeth in Your Pet Rodent!

 Nibble Chew...... how do you describe it? Gnaw, that's it! When your pet rodent's teeth grow, boy, do they grow--and when they get too long, your pet has to get rid of them somehow................      Ever find little chew-marks on the side of a desk or chair? Do you find towels or blankets slightly shredded, which baffles you to realize your small pet rodent has probably done this? To solve this problem, you need to supply chew blocks such as in the picture below. There are thousands of colors, shapes, and designs dealing with rodent chews, but you should purchase the biggest and long-lasting ones because the pet can go through them fast.
The first kind of chews are volcanic pumice chews, which are dusty blocks of soft rock that have a "spongy" appearance and have a very grainy texture. The second kind of chews are wood, sometimes dyed with natural vegetable dyes and they last longer because the rodent has to "strip" down and nibble at the wood until it's gone. The last alternative is a salt lick/chew mixture. The salt and minerals keep your pet healthy, and   the gnawing action it can give your pet is both tasty and fun.

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