Saturday, November 10, 2012

Taking Photos of your Pet

Attention, all critter enthusiasts! I know you have all tried once in your lifetime to take a picture of your pet. You may have succeeded, but most people have not. Small pets don't sit still, and the picture of your pet turns out to be a furry blur (ha ha!). Dogs are more cooperative, and they will allow you to snap a quick one as long as they can choose their own pose., they really can't be taught to sit in front of your camera(well, only if you offer them some treats--but they never do exactly what you want them to do), they just give you "the look", and slink off to their own business. Okay, so they may never be a feline model. But what about our small pets? Bunnies are pretty good at sitting pretty--hamsters, not so much.

How do I get Tiny to stay still?

Truth is, you really can get him to stay as perfect as ever, but you can feed him treats in order for the hamster or mouse to stay put for a few minutes. Sometimes the cutest poses aren't planned--they just happen by chance!

Keep it simple--and safe!

Whether you're putting him on your Christmas card this year or just doing it because you need a cute wallpaper for your computer, be sure to keep your pet safe at all times. "Just because your pet looks ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE doesn't mean its safe." Critter Corner says. "Flames, sharp objects, high ledges...all of these things and more can be potentially dangerous to your precious pet."

Keeping your small pet protected from harm is important--a lot more important than having a cute picture. Hope you enjoyed today's blog post on Critter Corner!


  1. Tomorrow's post will have some pictures--sorry that I've been slacking in my amount of pictures--Critter Corner


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