Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why Hedgehogs?

So, you want to "stand out"? Is the affectionate cat or energetic dog not for you? Do rabbits seem too boring, or does the tiny hamster seem too feisty and timid for your type of personality? Well, look no further, because you are one of the many people who want a really cool pet--so why not get a hedgehog? These adorable little animals are the domesticated version of the common kind, and they aren't your average hedgehog you might find snuffling around the woods. You may be very surprised. (Hedgehogs as pets??) But if you raise a hedgehog well, you'll quickly be rewarded with a smart, friendly animal, indeed.

Wait a minute, aren't their quills sharp to touch?

Well, yes, in a way. Hedgehogs in the wild use quills to protect themselves, but, they don't release their quills by loosening their skin like porcupines do. They stick them out in all directions to scare off predators. Domestic hedgehogs still have a little bit of that defense in them, so when they are frightened, they do use the quills in such a way. However, if your hedgehog is doing this towards you or your friends, this means they are very scared about what you are doing or are about to do. So keep your hedgehog calm at all times until he understands that you mean well--when the hedgehog is relaxed, the quills stay against the back, keeping your fingers safe. Small children could potentially injure your hedgehog, and then they might just get a little "reminder" from the little quills.(Porcupine quills are 100 times worse than the tiny quills of your hedgehog, therefore, it's just like touching a comb's bristles.)

So this means I can't cuddle my hedgehog at all??

Hedgehogs show you affection often, but only when they're relaxed, they'll climb up in your lap and lay on their backs, giving you the official "Hedgehog Look." When they do this, they don't want a belly rub, they are just saying, "Ahhh, how nice and peaceful this is...."  When a male hedgehog pees on you, don't take it personally, your little guy is just saying that he loves you, and that "You are my property, I LOVE YOU! No other hedgehogs can touch my person." If you get that signal, this means you are very loved, and that your hedgehog trusts you a lot. That's the same as being the queen or king, for a hedgehog.

How old do they live? 

Sadly, some hedgehogs live up to 5 years in total. The longest living hedgehog was 8 years old, but you never know how old your pet could be. Everything matters, including the diet, area to live, kind of cage, the amount of stress.....everything!

I knew there was a catch.....

Well, like I said, you really don't know. One pet owner said she fed her pet one kind of food and he died in one year. Her second hedgehog lived up to 8 years(the world record) because she fed him a good brand of food.

So, I hope you learned a lot so far about hedgehogs!!!!

As always, I have found 3 websites for you:

www. hedgehog

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That's all on Critter Corner! I'll be back soon!

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