Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Critter Quiz

It's been almost a month of critter facts, tips, and other fun small animal stuff you've learned so far. If you have been listening closely, you should be able to answer this monthly quiz with ease. Tell us the answers in the comments below. Have fun! (Oh, and NO peeking at the blog!)

Warm-up Quiz

  1. What is one of Daisy's favorite foods?  _________
  2. How old was the longest living hedgehog? _________
  3. BONUS! Which of the following facts about rats are true?
(a) Rats can't burp.  (b) Rats can go without water longer than camels can. (c) Both A and B.

Now try these....

  1. What are salt licks?
  2. Should you introduce your family or your friends first to a pet hamster?
  3. TRUE OR FALSE? Guinea pigs can have meat. 
  4. Gerbils are famous for what? (clue: their nicknames are "kangaroo rats")
  5. Should you let your 4-year-old own any exotic pets such as chinchillas?   
CAREFUL, it gets a little harder..... 

  1. What are Question Tuesdays?
  2. Do hamsters enjoy dried cheese?
  3. Choose either MYTH or FACT--Rats carry diseases.
  4. How do you relieve pain from an insect bite or sting on your pet? List at least 2 ways.
  5. Is cleaning out your pet's cage optional?

AND NOW.......The Gold Bonus Question!
If you answer it.....YOU will become the Critter Corner Quiz Master!

The question is:  TRUE OR FALSE? How many days do butterflies live???(yes, this is in the blog!)

Remember, please answer all the questions. Use your best guess. Thanks a million! I wish you well on the challenging quiz.


  1. Carrots! 8 years old, c, They are blocks of food for deer,Family,True, they have a pouch, no a 4 year old should get a fish,where we can ask a ?,no, myth,baking soda,no you must lean the cage. Butterflies live 1 day

    1. Correct Answers: No, she likes crackers sometimes and fruit(see the Question Tuesday pt 2)Correct, Correct(and also licking blocks for small animals), Family, FALSE, yes, a four year old should get a fish, where you ask questions, some do, MYTH, baking soda and an oatmeal bath(additional question is optional),no you must clean the cage, butterflies live 10 days(although some live a week).

      Check your score:

      I got.....

      0 right: Sorry, you had better work harder.

      4-6: You did OK, but you should touch up a little on your critter-skills.

      7-10: Good Job! You tried, and you succeeded. Read more on my blog to really be prepared. Thanks!

      All of them(13): Alright! You are great at Quizzes! You must be familiar with critters. Thank you for reading the blog--You learned a lot so far.

      REMEMBER: IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED THE GOLD BONUS QUESTION:You have added 5 more points onto your score! If you answered this question and got it right, along with all the others......you ARE THE CRITTER CORNER QUIZ MASTER!!!! I am proud of you.

  2. popcorn, 4 years and C
    horses, family first, true
    you ask a question on tuesdsys, yes they can, fact, use baking soda, always clean cage, butterflies live for ten days!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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