Monday, April 1, 2013

Sore Hocks Is Permanent For My Bunnies?

"So I have two mini lop bunnies: ritz and Oreo. They both have sore hocks, crusty and purple and bald. They are house bunnies, and I only put them in the cage at night. I read cages with wire bottom hurt their feet so I put a towel down. They moved it, so I pulled the corners under the sides of the cage so they couldn't pull it. Anyway, my vet said to use Neosporin, but it seems oily and they just rub it off. My vet only does cats and dogs, but not bunnies. ): He didn't say anything else but I know bunnies can't have medications every day. Is there are way to grow back the fur and keep the feet back to normal?"

Rabbits like your mini lops have delicate feet. Neosporin works good by coating the wound, but it doesn't help heal it up. If there are open wounds, put a little more Neosporin on the wound and cover them with bandages. Cut a circle on the the ankle part of the bandage to avoid pinching. If there is pink of blank infection, go to a rabbit savvy vet. Researching rabbit vets beforehand is a great idea. Rabbits with sore hocks should be housed in a non-wire environment. Remember, once sore hocks is on your rabbit's feet, it stays on but isn't as bad. Sore hocks can be really painful to a rabbit since they put pressure(a lot of pressure) on their feet when they hop. The fur usually grows back. Every few days change the bandages and clean the feet since the rabbits can't lick that area. Keep your rabbit safe and happy and choose free-reign versus wire cages..... Your rabbit will live much longer!

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