Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Best Dog Breed That Fits Your Personality

Have a dog? Always wanted a dog? Read this list to find out YOUR doggie personality.

Beagle: Owners of beagles are usually foodies. they like to take a bite out of life - literately.  A person who likes big group gatherings and celebrations is much like a beagle. These dogs are super social, very clever, and enjoy traveling. Plus, they have a secret power: the power of pleading eyes! Those big brown eyes look up at you......a second later you're watching your dog mow down on a milk bone....or two.

Bulldog: Got a bulldog? Then you are probably a family man(or woman). You like to lay back and relax and can be a bit lazy at times. Also, you are a big fan of football or basketball - you LOVE to watch it, but prefer not to actually play the game. Another trait? You may find yourself snoring.

Chihuahua:  Chihuahua owners are the popular type, and love to hang out with friends. But surprisingly enough, chihuahua owners are very alert and can sense danger and trusting easier than others. Chihuahuas go back to the date of the Aztecs. Their owners most likely like to explore cultures and ancient mysteries.

Boxer: The boxer is a funny, "clowny" dog. They also have deep emotions and apart from having fun with you, they really like to lay their heads on your knee and whine when they see your sadness. Boxer owners are empathetic and express their feelings often.

Cocker Spaniel: Cocker Spaniels are friendly, social dogs(like the beagle). They are beautiful, cute, and graceful dogs, but they might feel out of place sometimes. Cocker Spaniels may look fashionable, but they are very curious and like running with the big dogs. They aren't afraid to try new things.

Dachshund: Dachshund owners are homebodies, and they like to cuddle. They can be very proud and intelligent. Another surprise: Dachshunds can be fast runners when they feel like it, but they wouldn't do it every day.

Labrador Retriever: Labs are companions, and so are their owners. If you own a Lab, you probably are very loyal and like to have a friend following you. You are patient, tolerant, and outdoorsy. You probably count on one another and are "a hero", as your friends say. Labs are good at sharing, and they love anyone who gives them a pet on the head. Also, you like water and you most likely know how to swim, since you spend a lot of time with your water-loving dog anyway!

Scottish Terrier: "Scottie" owners are powerful and presidential, since many famous presidents had these dogs. They are bound to commit to things with ease, and keep promises. They also have a cheerful side.

Poodle: Poodles and their owners are social and enjoy variety. They are curious and smart, and that doesn't just go for books! They enjoy new discoveries and adventures, but also like to relax with friends. Poodle owners don't like to sneeze and wheeze, since poodles are one of the best dogs for allergy sufferers!

Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkies have kindred spirits as they are a toy dog, and bring fun into work! They are portable and, once again, love to travel with their owners. They like to be different and are youthful. These dogs and their owners never seem to grow least on the inside! They always have a way to cheer up a person and although they are small, they have a loud bark!

German Shepherd: German Shepherds are the "go, go, go!" dogs that are heroic, brave, and protective. They don't back down from a challenge, and travel in packs. They believe an old dog can learn new tricks, and believe in each other. They always want to get the job done and can't wait to get a jump start on a jam-packed day! 2 AM? No problem!

Tell us in the comments which dog your personality is like!


  1. I'm a cross between a Bulldog,Dachshound and a Coker Spaniel.

  2. Yorkie! I got one too!

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