Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Diseases in Guinea Pigs

What are some diseases in guinea pigs I need to watch for? Get information for your piggie!(not a complete list)

The guinea pig needs surgery because of his teeth.
Minor Diseases


Malocclusion is a dental problem in guinea pigs. Without chew toys and blocks to wear down the teeth, guinea pigs quickly get heath problems like mouth ulcers, decaying teeth, and painful laceration of the roof or the mouth. If the vet trims the teeth in time, it will be all well. But if the teeth go too long without trimming, they get bent out of shape beyond repair, as seen here:

Diarrhea and Constipation

Guinea pigs have delicate stomachs, and when they eat large amounts of fruit and veggies, they can get "tummy troubles." This is no laughing matter, though. If your guinea pig has a bloated stomach or liquid-y feces is all over his bathroom corner and his hind end, take him to the vet ASAP. This means he has eaten something poison or just too much food. The vet will try to help him and usually supply a medication.

External Parasites

Piggies can be easily afflicted with parasites like fleas, ticks, mites, and flies. These pests do no more than make your pig itch and irritate them. To avoid this, don't house your piggie outside or don't even let them play outdoors in the fall: it's peak insect season. Get special cream for your guinea pig once the vet de-bugs her. It can get really raw for her to stand.

Major Diseases


What bumblefoot looks like.
This term is used for the extreme version of sore hocks. Since guinea pigs don't even have fur on their feet, they can get this painful disease as soon as you bring them home. Bumblefoot is caused by frequent walking on wire cage bottoms. The start of it appears to be nothing but a little sore feet, but the skin opens up and it usually cannot be fully healed. To avoid this, buy cages with flat bottoms and provide comfy CareFRESH brand bedding - it's super soft and cozy for piggies!


Same for bunnies and hamsters, snuffles is respiratory infection caused by temperature change and sawdust/dusty bedding. Pet store guinea pigs get this due to the poor bedding there. There isn't a cure since it goes away soon unless you don't change the problem. Adopt piggies instead of buying from pet stores.


Some guinea pigs develop paralysis from vitamin deficiency. A more common problem is when they fall and lose feeling to the back legs and pelvis. When this happens, guinea pigs have to be put down. To make sure this doesn't happen to piggies, keep the cage/playpen away from small children and in a place where you can make sure no piggies are being harmed. If a child wants to hold the guinea pig, let him sit cross-legged on the floor and carefully let the pig crawl across his legs. Watch the child at all times.

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