Thursday, April 18, 2013

AS IF They're Not Spoiled Enough! Riiiiight?

So, if you watch TV, (which probably nearly all of you do), on Nat Geo Wild there is a new series called Spoiled Rotten Pets.Spoiled Rotten Pets | Nat Geo Wild (click link to view site)

It's (obviously) about how people spoil their pets. The episode this coming Saturday is supposedly the second one so far. My opinion? After watching people dress up their pet rats in Barbie dresses and tuxedos for a newcomer's birthday party( The Rat Pack | Nat Geo Wild ), I was surprised. I thought I pampered Daisy a lot when I took her to a super-nice kennel that she was cared for by an expensive "in-home" caretaker. (She got to be the Welcome- Bunny for all the pets there!)

So, what's your opinion about this extreme pampering? My opinion, for starters, is it is slightly sickening to see a dog with a master bedroom larger than the owner's, or a person cooing over a "sweet good little puppy doggy..." I don't really think pets should be that spoiled. But I think the best "spoiling" is once in a while. I think Daisy loves sharing a bowl of popcorn with her humans the most indulging. Plus, don't you wonder if the pet feels a little embarrassed? My final word: "You don't have to dress up a pet to spoil her, a hug or kiss goes a long....long...way!"


  1. I never dressed up any of my pets growing up and I think it's kind of cruel. Seeing a dog dressed up in doll clothes looks so uncomfortable.

  2. So true I personally think dogs just wear the clothes because they know it makes the owners "happy". I only put things on animals for practical reasons. We took Daisy to a pet talent show in hartland and it was freezing! I put a small jacket on her to keep her war, because she was losing her winter fur and it was the same as it was in the actual wintertime! ):

  3. Warm I mean. The above comment I said war!


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