Monday, April 22, 2013

5 Ways To Have A Critter Earth Day

1. Give Cardboard and paper to your critter for him to shred.

He will love to tear up the cardboard for fun!

2. Take your pet dog for a walk to the place you have to go if it isn't too far away.

It will be pollution-free and your dog will get his exercise!

3. Grow your own food and feed it to your small pet!

It will healthy and there will be no pesticides!(see "Pet Grass" Post for a cool in-home idea for growing "pet's" plants!)

4. Adopt, Don't shop. 

Lots of pets in shelters need homes! There are millions of pets that need your help. Buying pets from inhumane pet stores doesn't help save the Earth!

5. Charge things using solar power - and protect your pets.

Pets can get electrocuted by chewing deadly charger wires. Solar mats you can put your phone on top go up high and your pet doesn't get hurt!

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