Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pet Grass!

Critter Corner's pets got a special treat today. Pet grass! The discovery at the store was unusual - it was next to the avocados we were going to look for for our "famous" guacamole. Pet grass, also know as wheat grass, is basically grass grown from wheat. All animals(except maybe for fish, birds, and hermit crabs and terrarium pets) can have these yummy treats. We think Daisy, Lily, Peanut and friends' pets all love pet grass! It's very delicious, it seems. Dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, hamsters, gerbils....... most pets can enjoy this tasty treat! Plus, most pots of it only cost 2 dollars! Another plus? Pet grass grows back after you cut it. Simply trim, rinse, and give it to your pet. 

Pet grass is the same grass you use for those "Grass Heads" your kids can trim to make funny styles of hair! The pictures show the pets enjoying their pet grass.

1 comment:

  1. At first, Daisy's face looks like she's saying UHHHH..... um..okay? (:


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