Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Minnie Talks: Strange Humans!

Today I'm talking on this blog because there isn't anything else to do right now because....well, I'll tell you.
Humans are so strange sometimes. Today the male human who talks in a deep voice and is really tall pulled over the leather chair in front of the TV and has stayed there since the late afternoon. He is watching something on there that is loud and has lots of humans running around throwing a brown ball around. Humans on there are shouting and screaming and there is a whistle too. It's loud but it looks kind of fun too. There's probably food!
The male human likes this "show" and when I was playing with my ball he shushed me because 'I was being too loud'.
I have went into my crate and stayed there for a while.

All you other dogs may be shocked because I only go in my crate when the humans leave the house, and any opportunity to stay out of my crate I will use. But trying to get the ignorant male human's is tiring, and so I decided to take a nap.

The image below is of the male human, otherwhise known as "Dad," watching the "show."

Hmm, weird, right?

I asked Daisy about it and this is what she said:
(First she sort of ignored me.)

"It's called the Rose Bowl, ya big silly! And Michigan State won!"

Well, whatever that is, it makes the human happy. 

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