Monday, January 27, 2014

Hey! Minnie here!

Hey. Minnie here. Today I wanted to just tell everyone here...hihhihihihi! Are you excited like all the other humans are too about the mysterious "Super Bowl"? I never saw it before. It's probably on the big TV that the humans look at. Humans are strange. I love my people though. They're so awesome.

Playing with my bouncy ball is fun! It was really cool and I got good exercise! (I like my toy a lot - thanks, Jenna!) 

Oh! And this is my bed. It's so much fun to dig at it and make it nice and cozy. This is where I sleep. Y'see, when I was a little, itty bitty puppy, I chewed up two really nice and expensive beds - that made the humans mad. My bed here is more like a big cushy blanket.

Oh, and now I'm going to get some toys out to show you. This is my toy bin where I keep all of my toys. They're lots of fun! I have this penguin one I like to chew on.

Maybe you can't see me, but I'm laying over here chewing on it. See my white fur? That's me.

Oh. Bummer! I gotta go now. But I'll be back soon. Maybe before that guinea pig comes on here and talks about whatever guinea pigs talk about. Dogs are soooo much better than guinea pigs. They just squeak and wheeeek away. Dogs don't! Dogs love people and lick them and loooove people and did I mention looooooooooove people? I did, didn't I? My bad!

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