Sunday, January 19, 2014

Life With A Raggle(beagle/rat terrier mix)

Life with a Raggle is interesting. Very interesting.
A rat terrier is a breed of dog that hunts, and kills vermin.
So much for the idea of having a pet rat.
A beagle is a stubborn, food-obsessed dog that we had experience with before.(not good experience...)

So..what do you get when you cross the two?
A Raggle. 
This is Minnie. Our sweet little girl. Honestly, she's the best dog ever. Love her to pieces.
We really had no intentions of getting the breed, but then again, that's the beauty of adopting pets. They always turn out to be the best, whatever the breed.
She loves to play with toys. There's this obnoxious red squeaky toy that she LOVES. Pretty much expect this breed to be hyper, and obsessed with toys, even past puppyhood.
She loves people. And kids. This is just her, mainly because she lives with kids, so all raggles differ. But most rat terriers are known for being kid-friendly.

Then, there's food. This is where her beagle side shines through.
She looovees compost. It's one of the drawbacks of living with a Raggle. They don't just run outside to play with everyone like a Lab will, off-leash and having no intentions of running off into the garden where the compost is. Noooo. They have to learn their lesson by having tummy troubles. Which involves the humans cleaning up throwup of dog. Nice.

Raggles do have this irresistible-ness. They make these sad faces. "Woe is me!"They seem to cry. Reminding you of those animal cruelty commercials. "Nobody loves me.....nobody cares for me. Will you care for me?"

Training is hard without a constant supply of food. 
They do well when treats are fed after EVERY good thing they do when they listen and obey and respect their master...
This is how it seems:

Then you say:
But if you don't have food, your dog gives you a look like:

Overall, I mean...she's not too bad. She's really a sweetheart, and loves her family. 
(And she's definetely not solely rat terrier! This is what a rat terrier is:

My reaction:
Well, that's all for now.... Bye! Guinea pig calling, gotta go!


  1. Awesome work, love it! Its super cute! After I saw this I started looking into the Raggle and I found a website that has a nice description of it. Interesting stuff for anyone who wants to see.


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