Saturday, January 11, 2014

EMU - cabbage, fleece and other stuff (even more updates!)

The Igs here. Actually my real name is Iggy. Ignatius Sir Pig. That's what my owner calls me. 
Today my owner gave me some new cabbage. It's even higher in the vitamin C I need. It tastes yummy and the leaves come off in bigger pieces so it's easier my my person to serve. I have a chip clip my owner hung on my cage and she puts the lettuce it it. It's sooo yummy. And good excersise. To any piggie owners, this is the difference between cabbage and iceberg lettuce.

This first picture is the type of cabbage my owner gets for me. It's good for pigs.

This here is BAD for us pigs. It has no dietary content and it's too watery. Enough said!!

I also had my bedding changed. I'm allergic to the bedding my owner used for me. It was CareFRESH, but it still had too small particles that got into my nose and made me sneeze. I don't have any nasal discharge, luckily, so it's just allergies.

My fleece is girly girl fleece, but it is nice and cushy. 

It is quite messy. /: But, that is the problem with fleece. My owner brushes it off every day, so it doesn't always look this icky. (As you may know, we guinea pigs do make big messes. We like to spread that hay around! So what?)


  1. I think Iggy needs a Manley fleece so next time I go to Jo Ann's I'll look for some. I didn't know that plain lettuce has no nutritional value for guinea pigs. I always learn something when I read yor blog.

  2. Oh! Thanks. I was planning on getting some there anyways because when the fleece is washed I need to have at least one other fleece to replace it, so thanks again. I do feel kind of bad for the little guy...he has a purple cage base as well and a purple sleeping house, but those were the only ones I could find LOL. Hey, he doesnt care.


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