Friday, January 10, 2014

Sock crafts

I LOVE socks. Why? (Yah, really, why?) 
I love making crafts out of socks. There are zillions of ideas out there.
Here I made(show your Minecraft-obsessed kids this!) a cute little enderman guy. Sooo cute! I just used the glue gun, my fairly good sewing techniques,(yah...what tecniques?)
and a black sock to make this block-stealing dude! (If you don't play Minecraft you would not understand..)

(If only the glue gun wouldn't leave such annoying white crusty dry thingys. Another reason why this is not perfect. Still cute, but not perfect.)

Next thing I made (on all my spare
(I have a missing ear! The giant guinea pig chewed it off!")
It's a guinea pig. Cute...huh?

So..although Iggy and this guy made a nice pair, Iittle sock piggy here was unfortunately destroyed slightly. (Hint: look at the number of ears)

Finally, the two Snow Bunnies I created are shown here. They look JUST like Daisy and Lily. 
They didn't need any sewing whatsoever. Just rubber bands and rice. I need to sit down. Might faint from all dis cutenessssss! Arg! 

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