Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sad and happy news!!

Well, got some REALLY BAD NEWS and some good news. 
Bad news.....We had to take Russell to the vet because he was sick. That's part of the bad news. Anywho, it's very unlikely he will make it. We took him to the PetSmart vet and you could tell they were trying to be nice and all, but he could barely breathe. He could not stand or walk, he had an ear infection, and he was actually too young to be sold. 
 The PetSmart has a 14 day guarantee and if the pet becomes sick you can either replace it, or have a vet "treat it". They took him into a room while we waited and put him in a cage, they told us they would give him medication.
 Since there was a slim chance of him surviving the night, I decided I wanted to look at other guinea pigs. Next door there was a PetCo and actually the store actually sold some adopted pets! They promoted adopt don't shop too! The lady was super nice and gave us loads of info instead of just trying to get me to buy one and helped me find a little sleeping hut for him and such.
 It was an awesome store!!! 
And here's the best news: I got a guinea pig! A new one. His name is Iggy. He is actually almost an adult, not a baby and is really big. We disinfected his cage BIG TIME because I didn't want him to get Russell's sick-germs. He's HUGE!!!!! Here's a pic.

Iggy's ADORABLE, don't you agree?

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