Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm back! Lotsa stuff for you!!!!

The holidays always leaves us bloggers little time to post on a blog like this, and during this time our readers also forget to read the blog, so why bother? We think not! We will alway try our hardest here at CC to bring you lot of information even at the busiest times.

Jasper, my friends dog, had a birthday on November 23, so give this sweet guy a happy birthday!(the picture will not work right now, but I will update and add it sooner or later!)

I really really REALLY wanted to get rats, but after getting a rat terrier, a breed trained to hunt and kill these rattie companions, I did research on guinea pigs and decided they would make great pets! To make a long story short, I finally found the perfect cage - C&C cages! I am ordering a medium sized cage from They only sell C&C's, which is great! (Read more about C&Cs in  my post about Guinea Pig Housing, or wait and read another in the future when I get the cage.)

So, now that I discussed that, on to something else. I planned future posts I will be doing next year. Look out for the following:

 More C&C cage Guinea Pig posts
Ferret Biting!
2014 products for critters
More cooking recipes
Myths debunked

And more!!!

 More information posts coming soon.
The following week will be just that. 
No more updates the rest of the week!
 Sorry, but I was slacking a little.


I know, right?

Last thing. Bunnies. This is what having a rabbit is like:

They are grumps at times. My bunny is very sweet, though.
But they are not cuddly animals most people think they are.
My rabbit is often like this:
Which is annoying.
When people come over, my bunny does this.
Which leads people to think they are boring creatures, not so!!!!

At least she is not like....this.

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  1. Wow that's some cage you are planning on getting,your guinea pig is going to be a very happy critter.


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