Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Submitted by Pet Rabbit Ridge: Salt Licks For Bunnies

Salt Licks for Rabbits


A very common question people ask of me when they purchase a New Pet Rabbit from Pet Rabbit Ridge is, "Does my new pet rabbit need a salt lick to help them stay healthy?"

With this question in mind, I decided to do a little research on the subject so I could make an informed decission on the subject... When you annalize the ingredients found in common small animal Salt Licks, you will find that the vast majority of the ingredients is mineral based with only a small percentage of sodium or "Salt" in the product you choose.

I always recommend that you give your rabbit a balanced diet by using a top quality Pellet Feed such as Nutrena Brand Naturewise Rabbit Pellets. This will insure your new pet's overall health above anything else you can do. The ingredients in this type of feed meets or exceeds your rabbit's nutritional needs, so there is really no need to use a Salt Lick as well...

If you are the type person that insists on giving your pet rabbit an all natural diet with fresh vegetables every day, you may want to invest in a small salt lick to place in your pets cage near the watering system to provide the extra minerals and nutrients they may be missing in their diet, but the main reason for the Salt Lick is the minerals it contains and not the salt...

To maintain a healthy diet for your new pet rabbit, I recommend using natural foods such as celery, apples, carrots and even fresh garden greens as treats to be used a couple of times a week... Pellet feeds are formulated with all the vitamins and minerals your rabbit really needs to lead a long and healthy life, but an occasional treat between feeding times is always welcomed by your pet.

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