Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lots of Piggeh Pics!

I got lots of piggy pics recently in the submission area! Yay!

First one is Gertie Pig, who belongs to Amanda. He has really unique colors!

Next up, we have Darwin the piggy and his couch buddy, Misty. They both belong to CanadianCavy14. They are both so cute....

Here we have lovely Lola sitting in her owner's lap. Adorable!

This is Zeus, the cute girl piggy who her owner, Maddi, described as, 'The life of the party, always wanting attention.' Behind Zeus is her buddy, Wilbur and you can just make out the third pig's(named Scarlet)nose.

Finally we have Robin who belongs to BlueBell231. Wonderful pic!

Please send in more pictures! We love getting pictures of your furry friends!

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