Friday, March 14, 2014

GUESS WHAT....? We're getting chickens!

What? I never told you yet? 
I just realized I have never officially announced the fact that....YES....we are getting chickens. We are going to turn our old shed into a nice chicken coop and get a run. We plan on getting them this spring. 

We aren't sure exactly what kinds will end up in the coop. Well, we do, and we don't. Each of us want a different kind. I want a Buff Brahma, someone else wants an Easter Egger, and we also want a Black Austrolorp or two. TSC is the only place that lets you buy a minimum of six chicks. If you order them online you must get a minimum of 20-25. We don't have room for that many, and we want to start out with just a few. Hopefully we can add on later. 0> (cute chicken face) 

Are you excited? I sure am! We stocked up on chicken books as well as done research on the web. 

Here are some cute chick pictures I took at the TSC. Maybe it'll inspire you to look into chickens as well. They make great pets and egg-layers, even for those in the suburbs. 

Crowded much? ^_^

 ( Okay, so that one is really blurry. I don't even know why I put it here. )

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