Monday, July 29, 2013

The Chronicles Of Mickey Hamster

Hi guys! it's Mickey! Mickey hamster, that is. Check out my Hamster hideout on this blog for more hamster chronicles!

Today looked like a fun day full of adventures and excitement.
 My owner doesn't know this, but I can escape from my cage easily when she's not looking. I opened my cage door and hopped out. 
My mission: To get the hamster treat bag out and dig in! Yum! I scanned the room, looking for any danger. Nope. I was good to go. 
As I scurried across the floor, I noticed something. It seemed to be a book on the floor. I walked across it to see what was on the cover. EEK! A cat! 

The book was one of the many books in the Warriors series. How could my owner like such terrible books filled with cats? 
They probably even hunted rodents like myself in the book. I shuddered and set my mind back to treats. I took a deep sniff. Yes! I could smell YOGURT DROPS! 
I ran faster, eager to get my treats. Then, I stopped. Sigh. What other obstacle was in my way? I peered at it. Aha! A backpack. 
What a great place to hide if I hear danger, I thought. 
Once I passed the backpack, I looked up. On a high, high, HIGH shelf, my little bag of treats sat on a book.
 Well. My owner sure was good about keeping treats away from me. I looked around the shelf attached to the wall. 
Yes! I thought happily as I lay my eyes on a memo board with notes and a calendar tacked to it. 
A ribbon tied decoratively around the memo board hung low for me to climb up. 

I dug my little claws into it and climbed it like a rope. Once I got to the top, I dug my front paws and claws around a blue tack and dug my back paws and claws into the memo board.

I kept climbing until the shelf was within paw's reach. I jumped onto the shelf and gasped for breath. Once I looked up, I nearly fell off the shelf! 
A huge owl-shaped bank was staring back at me! I squealed. My owner was a great person, but really, did she have to keep so many scary "predators" in the room I stay in? It was enough to give me goosebumps! (If hamsters do get goosebumps)
I saw my treats and ignored the owl. I stuffed the treats, one by one, into my cheeks. I felt like an oversized beanbag! 
Speaking of beanbags, I saw a lime green beanbag just under the shelf. I took a deep breath(or the deepest breath anyone could take with food stuffed in their cheeks). Then, I jumped.

THUD! I was alive! I jumped off the beanbag, happy to be safe and scurried across the floor. Suddenly, I heard pawsteps. Who was it this time? A human? A big bird of prey? A huge scary, real-life CAT? I was so scared I ran for my backpack hiding spot.
 "Hey, hey hey!" A warm voice welcomed me. 

"Daisy!" I said happily. 
She gave me a furry hug. "I could of got those for you!" She said. " Easy Peasy! Just jump high with these big muscular paws, and you've got yourself an easy treat raid!" She displayed her strong legs for me. "S'okay Daisy!" I told her. " I wanted to get these myself!" Daisy nosed my back into the cage. 

"Take care, Mickey!" She said. "Our owner needs me to taste test some peppers for a dish tonight!" I grinned. As you know, Daisy means she's going to steal some peppers, but that's only between the two of us. Anyways, I need to take a nice long nap. I'm exhausted from my treat raid.

 "Hey Daisy!" "What?" "If you want, you can have some yogurt treats with your peppers!"

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