Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July, Daisy's Adoption Day, and Contest Winner Announcements

Today we have some great announcements on this awesome Fourth of July. First, happy Independence Day! Second, Daisy's adoption day was today, so she got some extra love today. (Yes, I adopted her on July 4th.)

Finally, the winner of the Drawing Independence Day Contest is Maggie Alden, with her submission of a Nubian goat. I will create her drawing ASAP and it will be ready very soon, maybe even tomorrow. We are so happy for everyone who entered, but we loved this unique submission and a Nubian Goat is so cute as well! Thank you everyone who entered via Contact Form, and I am very excited that I can share my artwork with everyone. You are welcome to print out the drawing or save it to the photo gallery. 

Anyways, happy 4th of July, and thank you so much for visiting the blog today!
 Also, remember to keep your pets indoors during fireworks. NEVER take your dog to a firework show, since they have very sensitive hearing. 
I hope the rest of your Fourth of July will be a safe and fun one for you and your pets! Bye!

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