Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nibble nibble NIBBLE: What to feed your hamster (part 1)

There's a difference between overweight and large in hamsters. A normal-sized Syrian isn't fat, he's just big in size. But a chubby hamster that looks plump even when on his hind legs or stretched out will need some help with his eating issues! Not only can your hamster get very fat, he can also get sick from the food he is fed, so it's important to choose food carefully.

For the pellet diet, feed your hamster good, healthy pellets. OXBOW is a great food for my hamster, but there are several healthy choices out there that don't cost a lot. When you clean out the cage once a week, fill up the hamster's food bowl. Unlike a dog or cat, they don't need to have their bowls refilled every day. Even when it's empty, they still have stashes in their hiding places.

Other foods
For the occasional treat I might slip my hamster a lick of yogurt, cottage cheese, crumble of bread, cracker, or small human treat. I give him a new nibble once a week. Some hamster enthusiasts say hamsters will eat pepperoni or bacon, but this can cause sometimes cannibalism and even cause your hamster to go crazy when they smell any other living flesh (which can be possible).
For a wild treat, instead of giving your hamster meat, give him mealworms. Yep, they come in a can at your pet store. of course, they are sterilized, so don't try picking up one if those under a rock or in the ground. Fresh veggies are a better choice, and can be offered more often. My hamster really loves a baby carrot, but those things can still pack in the pounds. I cut them up in halves and store them back in the fridge. Slices are always better than the whole thing.

Hamsters like hay to burrow in, but they don't eat it. IF you have other animals that need Timothy hay, go ahead and give some to your hammie, but guaranteed he won't like it. Hamsters in the wild never ate grass or hay, and domestic hamsters have no need for it.

Stay tuned on
Monday for some more hamster food facts!

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