Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More interesting updates - Daisy pictures, Bunny(and various critter) Blogger news, and other stuff like that


It's always fun to do these update things and everyone seems to like them. First update - Daisy pictures. I didn't really have a lot of these on hand - new ones at least. She's in her pen now so I took a picture while I had the chance. 

( I also put in a ceramic bowl for water and gravity feeder for food and I like them much better! In the future I might put water in the gravity feeder instead because the water bowl is kind of small)

Here is another picture. 

I use boxes a lot in my bunny pen, as you can see.

"Well, duhh!"

Next thing is the daily comic - This time Minnie wants to show you her new doggie coat! I am against dressing animals up if they don't like it, but she seems perfectly fine with it.
She looks really fashionable in it! And more importantly it keeps her warm due to her shorter coat.

Next we have some bunny news. From Houseful Of Rabbits... 
I so agree......

Kleenex alert!!! Read a sad-happy story at Cute Overload. 

Finally, we have a poll - and it'll stay up until Christmas! Please check it out and cast your vote. 


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