Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Deer Hunting Season, Corn Harvesting(whatever this is called) and Bunny-Blogging News! (Plus a lot of other random critter stuff!)

We have corn all around our house, and the front corn is being cut down. 

It's very exciting to see it be cut down by the interesting tractor equipment, but a lot of deer like to sleep in it, so they dart out when the tractors go through cutting down the corn. 
Please be very careful when driving by a corn patch to avoid accidents with deer and car collisions. 

Since I've made my first point, I'd like to move on. But first, here are some pictures (actually just one)of the tractors (not sure what these are really called but whatever) cutting down the corn.

A decent picture of our view of the.... tractor...harvesting..vehicles... Whatever they are called. Don't ask me.

Back to my next announcement - which is that I just wanted to tell all of our deer hunter friends to have a great hunting season!
 Can't wait to see if our deer hunting blind gets used this week.

 We already had lots of deer run into our already deer-infested yard due to the corn-cutting-down. 

Including three does rampaging into our backyard and breaking our horse pen, and a huge buck running with a humongous corn stalk tangled in his antlers. Quite a comical sight. 

Moving on to another announcement - a lot of hilarious antics are going on at Houseful Of Rabbits! (Sooooo... Check it out!!! ) (  

And at Life With Reno Rabbits.... Gerald has passed away... ): 

Visit Life with Reno Rabbits for more info on sweet bunn Gerald.

Let's go to some better news. At, the authors announced their arrival home. 
You decide if the look on Dougal's face is disapproval or not! (:

I also have something any bunny owner may be interested in. If you live in or nearby Minnesota (wish I did, this thing looks fun!) your rabbit would love to go to Hoppy Hour, a fun playtime session for lots of rabbits in the organization called Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society. The website is
and it has all the information you need to know about Hoppy Hour. From what I read the only requirements is your rabbit needs to have a clean bill of health, and should be spayed or neutered(for obvious reasons and because they are less prone to fight with other bunns when spayed or neutered). Here's the info I pasted below:

Hoppy Hour

Bring your bunny for a chance to play with other bunnies! You are sure to have a great time watching all the bunnies and talking with other bunny lovers. On the bunny "playground" will be a few small agility obstacles for the buns to enjoy, but this is not a class. Mostly, its just a time to hang out and enjoy the cuteness of bunnies at play.

In order to participate, rabbits have to be sterilized and free of illness. Admission is $3/rabbit, but people are free and have just as much fun! Check the events calendar for dates and locations. There is no need to register, but if you are are a first-time attendee wanting to join us at the South Saint Paul location, please contact us to get the address and directions.

This sounds like loads of fun and your rabbits will certainly love this. Also it's such a coincidence that disapproving takes their bunns here and even had a few pictures for us.

As for our own pet rabbits, Daisy and Lily are both healthy and happy. I put a big stick in Daisy's pen for her to gnaw on, and apart from the noise of her chewing away at it and the cleanup of some wood pieces strewn all over, it's great! 

She says hello. 

Got a bit of snow yesterday, and a bit more on Monday, and it's been really cold. 

I also picked up the next books in the Warriors series today. I had to force myself to put them down long enough to do Critter Corner which is almost impossible - these books are unputdownable! But of course I had to post something so I did stop reading.

Power of Three -  Outcast

Very good installment of the ongoing series! I'm proud of myself that I got to Power Of Three already! 
This is the third book. I also got book four and five just in case - but these ones seem thicker than The New Prophecy, so I hope I have time to read all of them. 

Oh and whoever did not read the post about mice socialization please do. It was published after the one before it, for some reason, sorry. 
As for Minnie, she is sleeping.

Close up

Finally, I got a request a while ago about what rabbit food and hay I used.
 We use Oxford Timothy Hay(never alfalfa) and we just got Purina Rabbit Chow.
 Anyone considering getting this brand, read on. 
I love it because it's good quality, and the rabbits obviously do. The store-brand food we got just a while back was the same formula as the guinea pigs and hamsters. Bad for bunnies, though! We love Purina Rabbit Chow. 
It's very healthy and both bunnies have no more icky poop covered bottoms. This was an issue with the store-brand food - the food messes up the digestive systems and they get wet mushy poop stuck in their bottom fur. This is not only smelly but rubs off on clothes, and looks gross. Plus, the poor rabbits probably got lots of tummy pains and aches. "Gastrointestinal upset", it's called. So we got the new food. The price poses no issue for me - what matters is whether it's good quality and healthy or not. But still, it was a great price! 10 bucks for this size. Plus there are no colored dye "nuggets" in here or added treats, which is bad for bunnies. What I'm talking about is those little hard colored things in the rabbit food. The bag looks like this - It's called Complete. 


You probably notice the pellets are a little thinner than other pellets. I noticed that too. 

(Not how much there is actually in a bag, the other half is in a plastic container.) 

The bag even came with a feeding instruction tag - most rabbit foods don't do this. 

So I hoped you enjoyed my update post. I love doing these since they are so fun! 

Here's the re posted lists of products that do and don't test on animals. Just wanted to put it out there again.

Here Is A list of Brands that test on animals. It's obviously not a complete list but I will add onto it later on.

Banana Boat
Estée Lauder
Herbal Essentials
Mars Candy
Oscar de larenta 
Ralph Lauren

Here's the other one: 

Yeah, I know. This is a short list. There's many more products out there. I'll be sure to add onto this one too. Okay guys, and listen, New York Color (NYC)is so confusing so I won't add it because their website never clarifies they REALLY do not test. Also several vegan websites state emails they sent inquiring about the testing were never replied.

100% pure
Acne Free
Bare Essentials
Beauty Without Cruelty
Burt's Bees
Free And Clear
Gold Bond
Proactive Sol.
Sally Hansen
Sea Breeze
Bath &Body Works(Specially marked products)

To see if they test of not, there is a symbol of a rabbit (the international poster child) that states cruelty free or says "not tested". Some products that do test say, FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY WE TEST OUR PRODUCTS or some other thing like that. Remember, just because something says All Natural doesn't mean it helps nature or animals. Thats a common mistake when searching for only cruelty free products. I really have gotten into making others aware of testing on animals and how terrible it is even past April. It's especially horrible if you have a pet yourself and couldn't imagine anyone doing that to an animal.

My list was just of super common things that people have in their homes. (If you are unsure about New York Color you can do more research but from what I've seen it looks like the nail polish company does test.)

Edit: I can't delete the link to PETAs website and the Beauty wi/o bunnies from PETA.  I just won't paste it here. I don't choose to support PETA because they euthanize 99% of their rescued animals. Not always humanely either. Anyways, thank you for your support at Aprils Animal Cruelty Month at my blog! (:

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