Friday, November 8, 2013

Amazing House Rabbit Pen Setups

I love seeing other house bunny owners ideas for rabbit cage setups. If you want to get good ideas to create a better living environment for your rabbit, you can look at these photos I collected. Then you can hop on over to some website info I collected.

What to Consider for an Indoor Rabbit Pen

When considering getting an indoor rabbit pen, there are many arrangements that are possible. It is important that the style of indoor housing pen for your house rabbit is an appropriate option, both for you and your pet.

Contrary to many a belief, rabbits don't need to be kept in a cage. What you may want to have is a pen area in which your rabbit has freedom, yet is kept safe. It's important that your rabbit get daily indoor or outdoor exercise, and is supervised by you.

Rabbits make such delightful pets - I've owned and fostered rabbits - and it's only natural that we want to include them in our home. Let's take a look at the options for keeping your pet rabbit(s) happy and safe in your home.

Inside The Pen

Essential to any rabbit pen are basic rabbit supplies, such as food bowls (one for veggies/fruit, one for pellets), a water bowl (more natural for rabbit than a bottle), and a litter box with litter.

Also, to keep your rabbit healthy and happy, you need to provide it with rabbit toys in its pen. Provide your rabbit with safe toys for mental stimulation and physical activity. Things to climb in, crawl under, hop on and around, dig into, toss around, and chew on are some options.

Ideas for what to put in a rabbit pen include:

-Cardboard box, for crawling inside, jumping on, and chewing
-Cardboard rolls, such as from paper towel and toilet paper
-Tunnels and tubes
-Untreated wicker baskets or boxes
-Magazines or newspaper
-Cat toys, such as Batta balls
-Parrot toys that can be tossed, or hung from the cage
-Dried pine cones
-Hand towel, for bunching and scooting
-Untreated and aged wood, twigs, logs
-Untreated sea grass or maize mats

Recommended indoor rabbit cages with front door access, so your rabbit can jump in and out on its own accord. Also including indoor rabbit pens.
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This is amazing. The wood pieces add an amazing touch and this looks great! I can't tell if he's a free range rabbit or not, but you can always close off a thing like this with puppy pens.

These three lucky buns have loads of room and plenty of cool wood things. I advise you go to the website here posted in the picture. There's lots of bun fun, and great info. I cannot really tell how they did this whole setup, but you can certainly pull off something similar with a different pen.

This however, is not good. I thought this was a pen in the image but it is really a small wire cage. This could be an alternative for super small dwarf bunnies, but the rabbit should have plenty of exercise. 

This is also very small for the rabbit in the photo, but it may suit a dwarf breed.

Apologies for the faulty images my house bun friends. The cat looks into these pens, watching his bunn-emies. See what I did there? These supposedly double pens are spacious and equally good-looking. Love these.

I now cringe at the terrible quality that my computer cannot fix. This is a cube cage. Learn more about these things at There should be a sidelink about rabbit pens.

This pen is also a good size. It's nice for single buns but multiple bunnies should have a much larger one!

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