Wednesday, July 2, 2014


When you think about it, guinea pigs are pretty odd critters. 
At birth, they are fully-furred with wide-open eyes and can eat solid foods. Cavies wheek and squeal like pigs.
Guinea pigs have portly little bodies with floppy ears and no tail. They were previously classified as a rodent, but scientists are considering changing this because it was discovered they have no family ties with them.

Piggies also have fairly strange sleeping habits. They learn to sleep when we do, taking a few afternoon naps to catch some extra Z's. 
They typically like sleeping houses but Ignatius chooses to doze out in the open where he has no fear of being 'caught'. A comfortable little guy, isn't he?

While their sleeping habits are somewhat simple, if you delve deeper into these wheeking creatures's minds, you will find that they do in fact dream.
That's right!!

Studies have shown that guinea pig's minds are intelligent enough for them to dream. 
This also means piggies can remember hundreds of images, linking them to other senses like smell.
They can recognize faces of people and other animals as well. 
So, what do they dream about? 
Guinea pigs usually dream simpler than we humans do. Mostly, the dreams are bits of the day playing back to them, just like video clips. If there is a new piggie that has been introduced, or a brand new toy or cage, your pig is very likely to dream of these things. 

The next time your piggie is snoozing away, leave him be! His incredible mind is at work - and that is nothing to mess around with.

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  1. Very interesting I did not know this. Do all animals dream?


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