Monday, February 17, 2014

Worst Critter Products Ever! - In My Experience

Hey guys! I'm sorry for the inconvenience about doing a Valentine's Day post - It's frustrating sometimes when the posts auto-delete if you just leave the page..etc..all that technical stuff, and my lazy side struck again. I gave up on re-typing it all. Oh well. Here's Minnie in her V-Day themed-collar cover. Aw! I'll save the 'pets with their valentines' pics which are stubbornly refusing to load for strange reasons.

Lately I've been having really good luck with the supplies I've been buying for all the pets. Today I went shopping and stocked up on more cavy food, as well as hay for Daisy & Lily. We also got two new toys for our resident rat terrier Minnie, which I'll review later. Iggy looooooves the Selective Guinea Pig food that he is eating, and it's definitely the best food I've ever used.
But there are just some products that I considered yuck. Some of these are recent, others are not so recent. I wanted to make this post so you didn't make the same mistake that I did.

SuperPet Rabbit Harness
When I first began my journey with owning bunnies which was four long years ago, I didn't have a very good idea on what not to do, and what to do. I had it set in my mind that you were supposed to get a harness for your bunny. 
These harnesses are not out anymore, and the SuperPet line carries a much stronger and chew-proof version for bunnies. Now they use the exact same harness(excepting the switch of colors)but smaller for rats and ferrets. 

First of all, I found the stretchy leash to be very hard on bunny's back, and a few little nibbles could easily cause the elastic to snap. 
Second, the pink mesh is so thin that any rabbit that is still new to the "harness thing" will chew through that as well.

Finally, the Velcro was a poor use of attaching the "tab" things that wrap around the chest and belly. Plastic clips came out later in the line, which still weren't very sturdy.

Silent Spinners
Silent Spinners are wheels for hamsters that are squeak-free and virtually silent. 

These are actually the only wheel I have ever spent my money on, and they are totally smooth and silent.
The main issue I had with these is that the green wheel is just too small for even the tiniest dwarf hamster, which makes it pretty useless just sitting in the pet store for all to be tricked into buying. /:
Second issue is that there is absolutely no traction on these things - the hamster has to get very used to slipping and sliding around, which can be difficult for the more senior hamsters or bottom-heavy ones. 
Otherwise, these guys are on my "better" list of bad products.

Coconut Fluff

I'm using this picture of the S.A.M small pet brand of this "coconut fluff", but there are many others, and this was not what I bought. All I know is, any coconut bedding stuff is a waste of money. 
It's so dusty that even if you had no allergies whatsoever you would be SNEEZING because of a all the particles. It's also a joy to clean up! ^_^
This was probably not a good idea for me to even THINK of using in my hammie cage, much less actually put in there. It seemed to make my little guy itchy and he had no intentions of burrowing in the "naturally cozy" bedding. And um....COZY? This stuff was brittle, dry, and definetly not soft. 

Fiesta Small Pet Treats - Papaya and Coconut

 I have something against coconut! LOL, just kidding. But small pets and coconut just. Do. Not. Mix. Well. 
Now I know better that processed treats shouldn't be fed to your bunny or other critter very much - best not at all. But back then, treats seemed fun, tasty, and a great idea. Wrong.
First of all, the dried coconut is never eaten by my critters. They despise it. They just seem to ignore it if it ever ends up in a treat bowl or even offered directly to them. Daisy especially does not eat the coconut.
Dried papaya, on the other hand, is probably the one processed treat a creature could get addicted to. My pets will never turn down dried papaya.

In the Fiesta mixture, the fairly expensive(for a super-small container, at least) treats were too hard and didn't seem very fresh. Even this dried papaya they didn't seem to like as much as the normal stuff. They ignored it after a few pieces. Just like the coconut.

Hi-Corner Rabbit Litter Box
I just got a new litter box for Daisy, which I'll also be reviewing. This brings me to a tale.
When I first got Daisy those four years ago, I purchased this exact litterbox that's shown below.
It was immediately tossed around the cage, eventually being cracked very slightly, which lead to the pee leaking out. Plus, this model doesn't even have any clips...and is very light and very easy to carelessly be tossed around by a bunny!
 We had gone through several litterboxes and it was time for a new one, a Long John Litter Pan.
But of all the litter boxes, the Hi-Corner was the smallest and worst.
Bunnies like big litter boxes! They like to lay in them, they like to have space. They love the huge cat ones.

The Hi-Corner is so small that a bunny can only sit upright in there.

There are plenty other reasons why this box just wasn't my favorite.
It was hard to clean, and like I said before - light...not heavy.
It also only fit in super-small cages. Nah. Not gonna happen.

Real bunnies have real cages. A.k.a, pens. 

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  1. I see so much growth in your knowledge of animals from when you first started. I am sure that you have helped so many of your readers with your knowledge of these products,and have probably saved them from purchasing things that are not good for their pets. Keep up the good work


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