Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are having a good week so far!
I'm looking forward for some more awesome posts this February(and hopefully so are you) - including some Valentines Day ones! 

It's been awhile since I actually did what I call an "update post". Sorry! Here I am now.

Iggy's been settling in well. He no longer runs in to his sleeping house as soon as I enter the room. Now he only goes in there to hide when I try to pick him up. Ah...patience is needed when hand-training guinea pigs. But....the results last a very long time.(and I MEAN A LONG TIME! Have you seen the lifespans of these guys? Yeesh. Pretty long compared to our hamster or mouse friends who only live...GASP!! 2 years!)

I don't have any sort of interesting updates for any of the other pets. Well, there is the story of how Minnie opened her crate when we were gone today and was walking around for who knows how long. But honestly. That isn't quite the biggest deal. Really. She obviously destroyed NOTHING. Zero. She didn't take advantage of the fact that we were gone so she could do bad things. (Not that she does bad things. Not at all.) She was FINE. She just happily greeted us at the door. As usual.
I'm really thinking that this is a huge step for her. Maybe it even gave her the opportunity to have the chance to not have to spend any time in that crate at all. Maybe. Let's hope. 

Awright. Enough ranting about that little thing. 
You probably have (well...DOH!) noticed the new blog background..etc. I was trying out new mottos and such, and this awesome new setup is now here to stay. Don't worry! I know it can get, well, confusing!

Finally, we have a new review...submitted by the CavySavvy Pigs! Thanks, guys!

Product Review: Ecotrition Snak Shak Cube Hideaway

Today we're going to review Ecotrition Snak Shak Cube Small Animal Chew. We are big fans of Ecotrition's Snak Shak Natural Hideaway and Snak Shak Activity Log, so we expect that we'll like this as well.

Yay! New chew toy!
The other Ecotrition Snak Shak products are designed to look like other things (like a log and a hut), but I'm not sure what this is supposed to be modeled after. But that's only a minor consideration compared to how fun it is to chew on, and whether there are any health concerns. There are the same health concerns here as with the other two Snak Shak products: the first ingredient is pine wood shavings, which isn't the best thing for us, but is probably fine for us in small amounts. We took off a star for that in the other two cases, which we'll also do here. But here's another difference: the log and the shack are just more fun to chew on. After only a few days with the log, you can notice the chewing damage to it. We've had this Snak Shak Cube for a few days now, and we'll still chew on it and experiment with crawling under it, but it's not a hit with us like the log and hut. We'll give it 3/5 stars.

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