Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Chicks

🐓 Yesterday our chicks came in the mail and we picked them up! 🐤

Here is our brooder which we will reuse for next year when we add to our flock, then the year after that, etc.
The brooder is inside our RV for right now.

Here are some pics of what is in the brooder -

This is the heater we use for them which is actually better than a classic lamp heater. Much safer and more warmth!!

And... Here are the chicks!! My Nana held some for the pictures.

Eglantine the Buff Orpington

Eglantine is 'my chick', the one I originally picked out. She is very calm, gentle, and tolerable. In a group setting she likes to hang out with her sister, Primrose.

Cuddling is her specialty!

Primrose The Buff Orpington 

Primrose is a bit of a foodie, and whatever Flame or her sister Eglantine does, she does. She really likes to preen a lot, and has been trying to 'fly' more often than the others.

Holly the Amerucana
Holly does everything first. She was the first to drink out of the water dispenser, the first to go under the heater, and the first to poke her head out at a new thing.

Flame The Amerucana 
Flame is bigger than all the others. I find myself calling Flame a male, so I might be guilty of saying 'he' a few times whenever I talk about the chicks. He is very loud and less cuddly.

Miss Gracie the Australorp
Miss Gracie is the more docile one when comparing her and Miss Bea. Gracie seems shy at times, but she is social around the other chicks. Miss Gracie is rather thin as well, lacking a lot of fluff.

Miss Bea the Australorp
Bea is a bossy little chick, keeping the others in line by pecking and pushing around. She sometimes struggles when you try to hold her long-term, and she feels comfortable around the others, probably so she can tell them what to do. She occasionally will alert the others about things that are loud or unknown. Bea has more yellow in her face and has no black beak.

Here are more chick pics!!

I can't wait for lots more updates here on CC! Chicks grow up FAST.




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